Using evidence to find best therapy

48 year old female with urinary stress incontinence. Failing all non surgical therapies (i.e.: exercises, medications, , etc). Not want to have major open surgery with mesh insertion. Requested evidence regarding safety and efficacy of minimally invasive procedures using bulking agents.
• P= urinary stress incontinence
• I= bulking agent types and techniques
• C= other bulking types and
• O= adverse events (i.e.; infection, blockage), resolution or cure of urinary stress incontinence.

Results: Evidence from studies provided rates of adverse events and cure rates based on type of bulking agent and insertion technique. Patient used this evidence to find urologist with high volume of procedures done and high rates of success and low rates of adverse events. Patient underwent bulking agent procedure with best urologist in her area, and reports 90% improvement with no advise events 6 months post-op.